Viern Liveship

Viern liveships, in theory, are hulking civilian transports designed by the Viern government to act as self-sustaining mobile cities shuttling their noble people between the stars. In practice, liveship fleets are made up of ships of all sizes, many of them civilian models packed to the brim with family and what meager possessions could be saved from their old lives. With no planetary resources, the Viern were able to build relatively few of the enormous liveships.

While the smallest vessels hold families, the largest can hold cities, 10,000 or more, with the population of a fleet often being several times that number. Starfaring cities like these often attract attention from outside elements. Positive attention, like humanitarian aid and mutual trade. Negative attention, from criminal elements and worse, can be deadly aboard these pressurized cities.

The one standard that is rigidly maintained between these vessels is defensive capabilities. All vessels, no matter how small, are equipped with point defense laser turrets and ablative armor plating, then incorporated into the fleet’s shield network. These fleets are further defended by what remains of their military following their war with the Corr. Often, the military turns to outside contractors and mercenaries to fill in any perceived gaps in security.

Size – 1-5
Speed – 2
Weapons – 1
Armor – 5

Base XP Cost: 40-68

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Viern Liveship

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