Top Story 3-1-8-347

Nallo Sprig, Governor of Hilag and Stug statesman, addressed cheering crowds from across Stug space as the formal declaration of war came through. The governor had this to say.

“I cannot ask for the sacrifice that our soldiers have prepared to lay down for their people. I cannot ask because such a gift has already been volunteered, by each and every serviceperson, who have sworn that you will live free or they will die trying. We know our enemy. There can be no surrender, for we all know what lies down that road. We will not lie down and suffer their abuses! We will not sit by and allow the Viern to be shackled! We will not stand down until this war is won!”

The Governor also responded to a statement by the Polyarchy on the state of the war.

“We enter into this time of war not lightly, but because we must. The Mitoyan have stated that they will join the aggrieved party in this matter, and wait to see who will fire the first shot. I speak to the Mitoyan today when I say that the first shot has already been fired. Was the first shot the absolute destruction of Graggag? Was the first shot the thousands of civilian deaths on the planet at the hand of Corr forces? Was the first shot the enslavement of a race of conquered peoples? Was the first shot the destruction of the Sheggak? I don’t know. But shots have been fired. The Stug have been at war. We’re just making it official under the Wartime Practices Charter. Do what you must for whatever reasons you must. But know that we will fire the next shot. We will see if you choose to count it as the first.”

This Stug rejection of Mitoyan and Brinaw requests for peace talks is an alarming shift from the long and patiently held Viern-led diplomatic efforts to see their planets returned to them. What had been rumor is now confirmed. Today, on the third day of the first week of the eighth month of the three hundred and forty seventh year, war has begun.

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Top Story 3-1-8-347

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