Top Story 3-1-1-348

Hello, and welcome to PCI Galactic Top Story. Our top story tonight, the Hegemony overthrown in civilian uprising, the liberation of Fayad by allied forces, and an end to the conflict achieved.

Good evening, I’m Tral Naff. Joining me via Polyglot is Corr Democratic Unification Advocate Leenan Trolus Nalak, who made headlines last year when he was arrested by Hegemonic authority and pressed into service as a serf to the state, for the crime of attending a political rally. His memoirs have become the modern guide to the excesses and abuses of the Corr ruling class.

TF: Leenan Trolus, as one who has suffered through some of the worst abuses of the Corr Hegemony, how does it feel to be a free man?
LTN: Please, Leenan Trolus Nalak. Today I can bear my caste with pride. Knowing that I stand among the rest of the liberated serfs, I feel as if I stand on the shoulders of giants. This is not the story of my suffering, but the suffering our people have endured for countless generations. Though the Corr suppressed this news, there were riots in the street when the regime grew weak, and parades through those same streets when it toppled.
TF: Secret recordings by political dissidents leaked via Polyglot. We’ve seen the footage, and we’ve heard stories of the retaliations.
LTN: This could not have been accomplished without the bravery and sacrifice of many people from many species. Evil can only thrive where good people allow it to. My people risked imprisonment and slavery to stand against their own government, while under assault by hostile alien forces. There was no spin the Hegemony could possibly place on their actions to convince the people to support them. And a war cannot be won without the support of its people.

Allied forces were greeted at Corr military installations by token forces bearing a flag of truce, their remainder protecting civilian targets despite orders to attack. The government overthrown by civilian uprising, military leadership stepped forward to offer a formal surrender and their full cooperation in maintaining peace during the Corr’s transition to a new form of governance. EDC forces have already been spotted on the planet below, providing aid and supplies to those affected worst by the fighting.

Natives of Kirov are returning to find homes abandoned, torn down, or re-purposed as military installations for occupying forces. Viern government relief agencies have sent a fleet of colony ships to help with rebuilding efforts.

Our story next, are digital consciousness transfers safe? We catch up with a study testing neurotransfers of non-Human subjects into this Human medium. Could digital immortality be just around the corner? We’ll find out more, after the break.

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Top Story 3-1-1-348

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