Packaging advice for shipping your goods on a Valiskan Courier

Thank you for selecting us for your high priority delivery needs! Here’s just some quick tips for how to protect your valuable goods for transit.

1: Secure
While the container itself will be securely strapped in, there will be higher inertial forces on it than normal courier services exert. Rigid containers, either metal or non-organic plastic, are recommended. Low-density foam packing material with 1CM of elastic displacement is recommended for fragile items, and an elastic tensioned suspension system inside the container is the best way to ensure the intact arrival of your goods.

2: Radiation Concerns
While it is perfectly safe to ship non-organic materials without any shielding (subspace radiation does not ionize realspace matter), organic materials must be shielded behind the equivalent of 10CM of lead. This includes various chemical compounds, tissue and live samples, and hydrocarbon and carbohydrate based polymers. It is also recommended that samples of living materials include a light-sensor activated stasis field generator within the container.

We appreciate your business, and hope you continue to use us for your rapid courier needs. Be advised we hold no responsibility for damage to cargo should it be packed improperly. If you can prove mishandling on our part we will reimburse you, but we really aren’t joking about the danger of exposing organic compounds to pure subspace.

Packaging advice for shipping your goods on a Valiskan Courier

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