Job History

Hello, crew of the Wanderer, this is Mica, fellow ship owner and artificially intelligent librarian. I am compiling this list of our job history as a tool for finding future jobs. A list of successful jobs and satisfied clients will allow us to keep an organized list of corporate contacts whom we can contact for future work.

Job #1 – Delivery to Brinaw Colony World Thellen
Delivered recreational and medicinal drugs to Ter Ap Kiro a’Doctor, a Brinaw who runs a private hospital for the Bannarat Group. Bannarat Group has numerous business interests, including hospital equipment production, luxury resorts and cruises, luxury clinics specializing in detox. Particulars of purchase allowed us to sell at a competitive price. Jer Em Fekk a’Learned of the Bannarat Group has since contacted the Wanderer, thrilled with both our price and how promptly we were able to transport their supplies from the PCI. Bonus credits, or a “tip” were provided for our service, and they have asked permission to contact us for priority work. A list of priority jobs for the Bannarat Group is available, and can be used to fill any available room we may have in our cargo hold while in Brinaw space.

Job #2 – Delivery to CIC Research Station Orbiting Kett-1
Delivery of a new type of robotic chassis and computer hardware was received by station’s Chief Engineer Krepler. Station Security Manager Jesset accepted the help of our crew in looking into the mysterious death of Station, the project’s director. Mystery unsolved, bonus pay for the delivery provided for the inconvenience of the security lockdown.

Job #3 – Escort Viern Ships
Joined a small mercenary fleet escorting Viern Liveships from Hilag to the Nekta homeworld. No hazard pay earned, as the job was uneventful. But then, the alternative was “Emergency Search and Rescue”, and uneventful also means safer.
Alert since my previous update on the Viern Ship Escort job. One of the Corr ships we flagged doing a passby of the Viern fleet seems to have followed us to the Polestar of Cosmic Interchange. It is unclear at this time if this is coincidence. Corr Vessel identified as Swiftfin Class Scout vessel “Waverider”.

Job #4 – Passenger Nrik Grap
Noted cyberneticist Nrik Grap requested transportation to Hilag from the PCI. Job completed successfully, and Nrik enjoyed his time on the Wanderer.

Performed successful rescue in REDACTED region of space. Plan consisted of REDACTED. They were safely brought aboard our vessel. Due to the sensitive nature of our work, Section Manager REDACTED was kind enough to REDACTED. It’s unfortunate how much of this report will be redacted for security concerns, we did something really amazing when we REDACTED.

Job #6 – Stasis Pod Rescue
No one is paying us for this one yet, but I’m sure we’ll find an interested party. An enormous space station, clearly beyond the technological reach of modern Jatam, appears to house an entire city in perpetual stasis. The questions raised here may be answered by our sleeping guest.

Successfully delivered REDACTED to REDACTED home planet of REDACTED. Payment received upon delivery. The less that is said, the better it is.

Job #8 – Colonial Supply Surveys
First survey profitable, consistent, safe work exploring an uninhabited star system. Second survey led to discovery of space-faring species Treagmorphin, in what appears to be their planet’s version of winged insectoid life.

Note about Job History updates
I, Mica, have found this to be an inconsistent and uninspired method of storing data related to our corporate clients. Some deliveries are barely worth mentioning. Others are so classified that I find I have no desire to maintain a written record of them. This log will be kept intact for future reference. For all else, please refer to the Client Relations section of the Wanderer’s Library.

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