Hunter's Journal

Respect your prey. Learn your prey. Have the patience to wait for the right moment, but never hesitate.
-Hunter’s mantra

Hired for a job last week that went well. This mixed-species colony had a bunch of “freedom fighters” raiding them, killing law officers, bombing public places, generally causing chaos for the citizens. Didn’t just take the job, looked into the claims first. The unspoken meaning of freedom they had was “under my iron fist.”

The group’s leader was this Nesleek with a nasty streak that’d make his mother proud, and basically meant to make himself Sovereign of what’s currently a mostly agricultural and mining world right now. All that and killing him would do nothing. He’d be a martyr for his group and his right-hand, a Nekta, would take over and actually be effective. Him, on the other hand, would drop the band’s efficiency big time, making it easy for local forces to clean them up.

Easy enough, sent up my pocket spotter, got a good view of him, clean headshot. 15 minutes later the entire band marched straight towards an ambush the Nekta would have spotted a klick out.
-fdc5:9781:d5da:7b46/Rhaines of Kaile

Hunter's Journal

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