Digital Genetics and You!

Life, at its most elemental level, is data.

The exact shape of that data varies, of course. And the Nesleek have even learned to program it like a computer’s code in biological life, but it’s still data. In -843GSTC, we had a similar, but different breakthrough.

_"Long had we gone about implanting tech in ourselves to be able to do more than survive Kalai’ah, but the drawbacks were such we hit a wall. Maintenance, infection, phantom nerve response, the list went on. Then we realized that we could virtualize our genome in a way that quantum hardware could use to “birth” a new individual.

The first born this way were technically clones, but the fact that they had to grow and develop into adulthood gleaned a great appreciation for the distinctions of nature vs nurture in our race. We knew as well that simply doing this would lead to major issues in the long-term, so we functionally digitized how sexual combination of genetic material works in biology into the Digital Genome Project.

Integrating the metal children into our society was easy, at that point. The Network was long established, the Standard Access Port for controlling tech a connector on nearly all biologicals. Long lived and ever-healthy they will be, the true future of our people. Our kind shall journey the void fearlessly and see the beauty there may be to find there."
-fdcd:1573:0a76:b8dd/Markus of Khemitos, Top credited researcher/engineer Digital Genome Project, -830GSTC

For more specific detail, see \\DGP\Genetics

Digital Genetics and You!

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