Cleaner Bugs

Colloquially referred to as Cleaner Bugs, the Greater Interstellar Plasmawing is a bottom-feeding scavenger of the highest pedigree, and can be found surviving off of scraps, detritus, and less, through much of known space. Before they were discovered and subsequently introduced to new systems by travellers, the Plasmawing had already successfully “colonized” a dozen star systems. With no access to FTL travel, it is assumed they accomplished this the slow way, generation by generation, surviving off of the thin stellar radiation buzzing between the stars.

The Plasmawing’s characteristic spark is not bio-luminescence, but instead their method of interstellar travel. The movement of their wings generates personal thrust in a small plasma arc, the energy transfer efficient and the mass they’re trying to move being relatively small. Once atmosphere is broken and course set in, swarms of Plasmawings will flick their wings regularly to identify and maintain position within the swarm, and of course for course corrections.

Never territorial, rarely confrontational, Plasmawings can survive with no attention from the owner, making them unorthodox if low maintenance pets. Considering the ease with which they can spread and survive, careless owners have spread the Plasmawing’s meager stomping grounds from a dozen stars to 70% of known systems.

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Cleaner Bugs

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