Character's assets

The Wanderer
Custom Excursion Systems Modus

Size: 3
Speed: 7
Weapons: 4
Armor: 3

Empty, all cargo delivered successfully.

Point Defense Laser Turrets
Ship-Mounted Antimatter Anti-materiel Cannon
Mass Driver Array
EMP Cannon
Nanohive Dispseral Vents

Diamondoid Ablative Plating
Intertial Deflectors

Secondary Crew:
Wanderer Secondary Crew – A call for the best of the best to join the crew of the Wanderer in their good works was answered

Prowler Land Vehicle – The Prowler has high clearance, durable reinforced wheels, and a large flat truckbed for cargo delivery.
Hoverbike – Owned by Ruis’Iren’Tonin.
Shuttle x2
Escape Pod x4

Specialty Stations and Laboratories:
Terrarium – Located on the top level, armored plating on the hull can be retracted as diamondoid panels filter incoming light and radiation to feed the ship’s garden.
Hologram Chamber
Medical Bay
Nanoassembly Laboratory
Maintenance Hangar

Modus Luxury Package – FTL-capable shipboard Polyglot, advanced gravitic controls (cabin-level adjustments available), cabin-level life support and climate control, luxury accomodations
Smuggling Containment Units – Hidden biometric locking mechanism, specially shielded compartments, gravitic controls hijacked to disguise mass of hidden objects. Some biometric locks previously disabled by a Security Pulse Scan from PCI Security have since been repaired and re-coded to respond to all Wanderer crew. Will need to be upgraded to get past new PCI security measures.
Graphic Holo-Projector – Used to disguise the old Wanderer, the ship’s larger mass will be more difficult to hide.
Bioprinter – Nanoassembly molecularly recreates modular body structures.
Stealth Systems – State of the art, masks signals, displaced heat, visual signature.
Viern Enginees – Solid state boosters that increase the Wanderer’s speed well past its already incredible level

Cargo Bay Capabilities:
Modular Cargo Bay – Support gantries, scaffolding and containment shielding can be erected around salvaged vessels. All gantries and scaffolding recess into a space beneath and above the cargo hold when not in use.
Reclamation and Salvage Equipment – Cutting torches and an automated disassembling process strips salvaged ships down to core components, hull panels, and assorted scrap.
Gravitic Tractor Assembly – Essential for pulling in assorted scrap and salvage, Gravitic Tractors can also be re-tuned to interfere with and entrap smaller vessels.

The Redoubt
Viern Liveship Mobile Research Station

Size – 5
Speed – 2
Weapons – 1
Armor – 5

Key Personnel:
Redoubt Key Personnel – Trusted figures holding key posts aboard the Wanderer’s home base and mobile fortress

Allies and Contacts
Allies (EDC) – 1
Allies (PCI) – 1

EDC Detatched Duty Squadmates of Ruis’Iren’Tonin
Squadleader Beats
Briddin Kal’Noh
Brog Grig
Hurak Benkav
Sharp Eye Soft Song

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Character's assets

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