The Asuraka are a prime example of the Demothian’s helping out under developed species. Only five individual Demothian’s were ever allowed on their planet before they reached the space age. In fact, it had been so much time since the last visit. That when the Asurakan’s reached space, they no longer truly recognized the Demothian’s as their patrons. They were found by the Demothian’s around 4,000 years previous to them reaching space flight. With the last visit to the planet by a Demothian being 1,000 years before they reached space. The Asuraka have a very calm, peaceful, and joyous life on their homeworld. Most of their time is spent enjoying the wonders of their world. They are very slow to anger, and very quick to forgive.

Physical Characteristics
The Asuraka are a reptilian race. They have hard scaley skin, that is usually a deep green to red coloring. Their heads are tapered and a bit flat. coming to a rounded point where their mouth is like most lizard’s. They usually stand about six feet tall, with tail’s growing to be around two to three feet in length.
Asuraka are omnivores. Although they do prefer meat over vegetation though. Their hard scales are there to protect them from the few creatures on their world that are a threat to them. They have a niche at the top of their worlds food chain. Being larger and stronger then most other species who call their planet home. When not working, you will more then likely find a Asuraka lounging on the ground soaking in the sun, or in one of their leisure terraces. Which you can find multiple in each city.

Foreign Relations


AI – We respect what you are trying to accomplish and we wish you well. We only have machines as tools though, there is no thought in them and we prefer it that way. You are still as welcome as anyone to visit though.
Brinaw – We have heard that you are helping of others and we admire that. We also know that you have concerns over the Demothian’s actions towards newer species, and even though they may be silent. We would be glad to discuss our long history and culture of peace any time you desire.
Corr – We do not know much of you yet. Although some that we have heard is very disturbing. I hope for your sake that you are treating the ones left behind well. Cruelty for cruelties own sake is not something others should let sit by.
Demothian – Now that we know the truth, thank you. You protected us from that which we did not even know about, as well as from ourselves. We will show you how grateful we can be.
Insae – We have heard tales of you poor souls around our fires at night. We are sorry for what has happened
Jatam – Raiders, nothing more. Why would they go around stealing what is not theirs, when they could figure it out themselves. Is the journey not part of the enjoyment?
Mitoyan – You are very loud and excitable. You should calm down and sit around our fires. They are very warm and enjoyable. Also, in case no one has told you before, there is such a thing as too much talking.
Nekta – Why must you fight so much. Not everything is about who gets there first, some things are just about what it took to get there.
Nesleek – Do your people even know what peace is? I feel sorry for you. You fight throughout your whole lives. Why can you not let others be?
Stug – You are welcome to join us. Our world is very nice for ones such as you.
Ryllavi – Why do you still believe in the tales of children. The veil has been discarded, the truth revealed. Why do you still act bewildered?
Valiska – Wait, you chose to become like that? At least the AI’s were born that way, why would you give up your true form, were you ashamed?
Viern – We appreciate what you try to do, but all the same. We are very glad that you are not the ones that found us.
Xai – How can you talk ill of the Demothian’s when yours is a way of war and destruction?

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