Stellar Travellers

The Boss Endnotes

How it Ended

Ship’s Librarian Mica reporting. With assistance from the Royal Family, we were able to determine the key signatures of the genetic modification made to those infected with what we’ve come to refer to as simply “The Super Soldier Virus”. The modifications came from House Arrlin, a previous employer of ours whose methods we had already come to disagree with when they attempted to assassinate the head of the Goshen family with hijacked civilian shuttles being hurled at the moon.

Monitoring communications from Arrlin, we found the link we were looking for. Communications with Earth planning the next stage. It did not take long for our scientists to determine that Stalking Shadows are no more than a genetically engineered human slave race, and The Boss an immortal preserved human consciousness.

With the assistance of CIC itself, The Boss and all of his networked droids were disabled, deleted, and scrapped by our team. The Jatam were able to find the cure in time, boosting their estimation in galactic eyes from lawless pirates to interstellar saviors.

Approximately 5% of the population on all worlds has been infected and augmented, safe now with no trigger to place them under the sway of Human Criminal Enterprise. With Humanity’s coup forestalled, ships from many allied species have cordoned off Human Space. The fate of an entire species may be decided soon. Personally, I find I care more for those lives affected by this atrocity than those who are about to meet justice.

The Boss and his plans have been laid to rest. But there can be no rest for those who will always Wander.



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