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Welcome to PCI Galactic Top Story. Our top story tonight comes from the world of technology, as enterprising entrepreneurs take advantage of modern leaps in science to bring you the coolest new toys.

Good evening, I’m your host, Walthers Johansen, in your first evening as your first digital Human news correspondent. I’d like to take a moment to say how honored I am to join this distinguished news team, and hope to live up to the integrity and passion that you have come to expect from this program.

I am further honored to be introducing the subject of our newscast, the SmartFeed, as this will be our first event simulcast in this exciting new medium. For those of you still joining us from Polyglot linked screens, handhelds, and personal computers, have we got a story for you tonight.

It was just months ago that integrated biomechanical implants came live. After a rigorous testing process, the chips were authorized for public use and private development by a panel of six independent safety commissions and seven government regulatory boards. A few short months later, the SmartFeed is born.

SmartFeed is the brainchild of Human virtualization guru Timm Kliesker and Mitoyan communications pioneer Stormsong Chorus. Mr. Kliesker saw the potential for an Operating System built and designed to take advantage of the unique nature of this new computing solution, and approached Stormsong about his new project.

The innovations to medical technology alone are staggering. In creating an Operating System capable of integrating feedback from bio-sensitive organs, what Stormsong Chorus really created was a communications system capable of speaking to the organic body. Gar Yip Hum a’Healer had this to say in last week’s biomedical conference on Udina.

“In conjunction with recent advances in hybrid bio-cybernetic implants, we have developed on the SmartFeed OS a pacemaker implant tracking application. With realtime feedback from the heart, our patients can receive lifesaving medicines or arrhythmia-correcting shocks in record time. The user’s integrated computer and implant send real time biofeedback information to my offices regardless of their current location. I can diagnose patients with accurate medical readings without ever needing to schedule an office visit or sit them down in front of a scanning machine.”

Smartfeed doesn’t just do biological tracking and sensory output. The input side of the product is what has early adopters buzzing. With computer assisted biofeedback and an integrated computer that speaks to your brain, SmartFeed users are fully capable of taking their lives digital, overlaying their sensory network with all manner of digitized tools and entertainments.

Reviews from early biological adopters try their best to communicate the profound experience:
“It’s like having a faster than light socially networked hologram chamber in your head.”
“Incredible experience playing Legends of the Starcrawlers on the new SmartFeed platform. Total immersion, I’ve got to get my friends playing this.”
“Messing with field overlay now, SmartFeed knows to go to my peripheral vision when my eyes focus on something in my background. With total transparency options for both my real and digital views, it kind of feels like I’m fading between two worlds.”

Central Intelligence confirmed early this week that all CIC platforms would be SmartFeed OS and communications capable by the release date, and so far no bugs have been reported. This new biological digital virtualization hub may seem new and exciting for many, but for digital lifeforms such as myself and CIC intelligences, the conveniences of distributed digital living seems like old news. We couldn’t be more wrong. As old digital communities find themselves meeting an influx of curious bio-digital visitors, we can see how participation and collaboration are already improving the way that even wholly digital entities interact.

With the barrier to digital interaction removed for biological organisms, now everyone can experience direct face to face contact, complete with full sensory data, without leaving the comfort of their living room or their physical bodies. Biofeedback can even emulate digital physical interactions. From digital handshakes in the virtual boardroom, to the virtual emulation of a distant loved one’s touch, SmartFeed uses biofeedback and your specialized implants to relay nervous impulses tracking that emulation. There are already digital SmartFeed massage parlors and sensoriums, as users previously restricted to voice, video, and text explore a digital world that can be felt and interpreted through every sense.

Our next top story, are personal companion animals getting out of hand on the PCI? One Pet Catcher says yes, and his overcrowded pens tell a story of abandonment and loss that may shock you. We’ll take a look at what this PCI employee did for these animals, and show you how you can donate to the cause or rescue an animal, coming up next.

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Top Story 6-2-6-348

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