Top Story 5-1-7-348

Hello, and welcome to PCI News Galactic top Story. I’m Lina Bryl Sef a’Speaker, and this is a special priority broadcast.

All major stellar governments have issued a quarantine and processing alert for all inbound traffic into space ports. Many travellers are annoyed by delays, but worried by the accompanying medical alerts. Citizens on many colonies are attending mandatory screenings, and some are already being quarantined with a disease that officials say could have disastrous results.

In a recent interview, Nel In Kal a’Mender urged all sentients to seek screening and medical assistance, as this particular outbreak is particularly virulent:

“Good evening, I would like to begin by authorizing a standard classification, Boralis Lanaflia, more commonly referred to as the Building Virus. What we are authorized to say is that this is a man-made contagion, and that this bio-weapon is capable of crossing species boundaries. It is highly adaptive, but can be caught in the earliest stages. I encourage everyone to take the necessary preventative precautions against airborne and infectious contagions, including breathing masks that protect any permeable membranes, and to seek early diagnosis and medical advice at your local clinic. Once the disease has progressed beyond the first stage, treatment in quarantine will be our only option. I cannot stress enough the seriousness of this issue.”

Doctors are already seeing positive results with patients who are early adopters of the SmartFeed OS and accompanying implants. An application for the SmartFeed bio-monitoring tools is already available to remotely diagnose potential infection, and doctors have included the symptoms of this disease to the application’s database.

One service, SmartDoc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Central Intelligence Computing, is making a difference. Their primary service is the SmartDoc bio-implant, fully integrated with the Human-Mitoyan developed SmartFeed operating system. The SmartDoc device is a biotech nano-assembler that builds and deploys both medicinal compounds and reconstructing nanobots to monitor and maintain the good health of the end user. Skilled physicians employed by SmartDoc can deploy nanocameras and nanoscale surgery tools to remotely preform routine procedures in emergencies, providing field treatment no matter how far you are from the nearest medical facility.

To celebrate their successful launch, Central Intelligence and the creators of SmartDoc have pledged to donate one billion SmartDoc implants and accompanying SmartFeed systems to hospitals, communities without adequate care, low-income families, and many lucky applicants. Central Intelligence stated in a recent press release that he believes the SmartDoc will give patients the tools to manage their own health, and get involved in their own healthcare. He hopes that early adopters will help raise public awareness of important health issues such as the port quarantine, and get people motivated to take their health into their own hands.

“Whether with SmartDocs or remembering to schedule regular physical exams, I encourage everyone listening to get involved in taking care of your health. Whether with a SmartDoc, regular physical exams, a change in diet, or better exercise, you can make a difference in your own well being. However you do it, I urge everyone to listen for local medical alerts, and please comply with all reasonable requests made by any emergency quarantine personnel. This is a difficult time for everyone, and we are here to help however we can. Trained SmartDoc surgeons are standing by for your medical emergency, so please consider a SmartDoc system today.”

Coming up, are there Shadows among us? Walthers Johansen speaks to experts and concerned citizens on the subject of the Stalking Shadows. Who are they? This upcoming footage sent to us by a concerned bystander shows Ruis’Iren’Tonin of the Wanderer warning us that they are real, and a bigger threat than any of us can know.

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Top Story 5-1-7-348

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