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Not all technology is locked away behind a proprietary seal and unleashed in military engagements. Many technological advances are made by for-profit corporations, who want the most money for their most successful ideas. Here are some examples.

Rehabilitation Pods
Mivand Medical adapted Suitcraft miniaturization technology for medical purposes to amazing results. Gone are the miniaturized food supply, fuel cells, starship engines, FTL drives, and suit-based chassis. The life support system stays, and makes room for all manner of sensory and medical equipment inside a convenient one-size-fits-all pod/bed. It monitors vitals, administers medication, and maintains life support as effectively as a room full of hospital equipment. These pods are widely available, and at a reasonable price point.

Demothian Computer Systems
While not proprietary. The Demothian way of computer technology is the combination of machine and plant. The organic matter is used for all storage and interfacing, while the machinery is used for power and specific attachments. This makes it hard for outside machines to access data on a Demothian machine. As it is all stored on the organic portions. The interface are small indents that you rest the tips of your fingers on. They read the electrical pulses in your fingers instead of the input of normal machines. While these are the kinds sold to others, on systems designed for Demothian personal use. There are inputs for the Demothian to connect directly to the machine, which makes use much easier.

The Sensorium
The best that holograms and haptic interfaces can do, Sensoriums are large, bulky, and can seem downright clumsy when compared to Demothian holochambers. For those not spoiled by Demothian realism, the Sensorium can still be a fun holographic retreat for all ages.

Integrated bio-computing for all, SmartFeed combines human virtualization technologies with Mitoyan communications to provide a real-time virtual presence. While some use it for face-to-face projected conferences, wilder applications still are being explored by pioneering researchers.

A CIC-developed medical service/implant for the SmartFeed system. Bio-implant bolsters natural repair response to damage, while nanoassemblers in the device create necessary medicine or nanotools for remote surgery. All SmartDoc surgeons are trained volunteers with medical degrees in nanosurgery.

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