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Setting – Galactic Historical Repository
Stories – Galactic Literary Registry
News Reports – Breaking updates courtesy of PCI News
Phalanx – Records and notes of the organization known as Phalanx
Hero’s Assemble – Super Hero one-shot’s we might run.

Character’s assets
Client Relations
Species Relations – If there is a conflict brewing between two or more races or if races are allied this is the place for it
Wanderer Maintenance notes
Wanderer Medical Logs – A record of the strange medical happenings on the Wanderer

Species – Xenobiological Classification Archives
Aliens – Physiological and Cultural Survey, Alien Stats and Bonuses
Primitives – Non-Interstellar Protected Sentient Species Initiative
Wildlife – Non-sentient or extinct creatures anything that does not fit into the main species
Famous People – Whether they be out of the worlds history, or currently famous

Proprietary Tech – Advanced Technology Database
Technology – Commercial Sales Inventory
Starships – Interstellar Craft Specifications
Weapons – Military Threat Index
Companies – Business entities and the like

House Rules – Ability Changes, Merits, House Rules
XP Tracker – Experience tracker, Sessions by date
MusicFTL Tightband Entertainment Channels
Entertainment – Live, recorded, or holographic entertainment

Main Page

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