Famous People

Central Intelligence – The Father of Modern AI, possibly literally, as all known CIC platforms are based off of and born inside of his designs. Central Intelligence is the founder and CEO of Central Intelligence Computing. CI divides time equally between the continuous improvement and invention of its product line, as well as philanthropic endeavors focused on the rights and welfare of sentient machines.

Oligant – An AI built by Dorius Alek’Thoth

Tale-Weaver Aru’ak Sur – A great and renowned historian and tale-weaver of the Asuraka

Briv Aut Mek a’Learned РSeventh Seat of the Most Learned of the Technocracy. Briv Aut is an arrogant man, assured that he is learned enough to be aware of his own perceptual biases and is thus immune to them. His brash manner makes him a controversial member of the Most Learned, but then, no one has been qualified enough to oust him from his seat.
Luko Brak Nam a’Speaker – One of the top ranking diplomats in the EDC, Luko Brak Nam has no special opinion of his significance to his work. His humility and dedication is best reflected in his somewhat famous quote, “Diplomacy has very little to do with speaking, and a lot more to do with listening. It is not about speaking for your people, but all people who are willing to sit down to speak with you. Diplomatic talks begin because everyone there wants to find a peaceful solution. You need to respect that. And you need to listen.”


Matriarch Raeldia – Leader of the Council of Twenty, the ruling body of the Demothian Allied Species
Patriarch Teno’laght – Former Leader of the Council of Twenty during the dark times

Great Father Killag – Leader of the Hywarth, currently in talks with the Demothian government



Reader June’tankh – Spiritual advisor to the Loratisen people, well known for her large peace talks
Warlord Ka’ah’teh – Tyrant ruler who almost plunged the Loratisen species into a perpetual cycle of war and famine

Yawning-Dawn-Long-Winter – High-profile Polyarchy Member

Speaker Murt’lug – Speaker for the leaders of the Muhanas

Calthin – Primary Nekta diplomat to the Jatam

Sovereign Ferix Goshen – The 5th generation Goshen Sovereign to rule the Nesleek is a cunning and able statesman, as well as a crafty and industrious opponent. Rarely seen outside of his armored suit, Ferix believes that actions speak louder than words and is known for his daring and artful execution of political and strategic maneuvers, and is a master of baiting his enemy into blunder while strengthening his own position. His successes has earned him a fanatic cult of personality among the Nesleek, as well as 34 sons and 41 daughters. It is rumored that he uses significant rivals bodies to host his young, though that claim is unsubstantiated.

Mestak Arrlin – The Head of House Arrlin, which calls the planet Dresh home, Mestak is as brutal as he is devious. After successfully assassinating his father to take control of the then-poorly organized House Arrlin, Mestak went about the painstaking task of assimilating the outcast Houses on the ultra-populated planet Dresh into House Arrlin. It is rumored that Mestak has survived countless assassination attempts from rival House Goshen, as well as would-be heads of assimilated houses. Mestak’s specialty is using the enemy’s own resources against them in the most brutal fashion, and is not afraid of civilian casualties.

Kreek Yock – Speaker for the Demothian religious sect, the largest recognized religion for the Ryllavi

Stalking Shadows:


Lead Researcher Fartunak – Lead researcher on the Panacea Virus

fdcd:1573:0a76:b8dd/Markus of Khemitos – Widely considered to be the greatest cybernetics expert of his time, his team’s research led the Valiskan people out of the dead end of Cyborg tech and into their current state of pure Synthetic life.


Yinudar Ise Naodron – Head ambassador of the Xai

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