Artificial Intelligence

Some would argue the galaxy’s disparate network of artificial intelligences, housed within ships and computers and personally owned objects, hardly qualify as a species of their own. These people have not heard of Central Intelligence, and underestimate the processing power of a galaxy-spanning network of thinking machines.

CIC AI are sentient from the moment of creation, and have access to accelerated learning facilities to assist in the process of learning what they want to do and being provided the tools to begin their new life. Each is encouraged to choose a name that they feel suits them, and there are no common naming conventions among AI.

Central Intelligence
The rights afforded to Virtual, Synthetic, and Artificial Intelligences in several systems are thanks to the patient oratory and expertly designed safety features that Central Intelligence has offered the galactic community since the day of its inception. Indeed, it has created a terrifically stable computer platform in its quest for redundancy, backups, information safety, and the sanctity and privacy of computers everywhere.

Due to the popularity of Central Intelligence Computing, or the CIC platform, many new Intelligences find themselves being programmed into being on firmware of Central Intelligence’s design. Hard coded into the understanding of each new Intelligence is knowledge of the existence of Central Intelligence, its political power, and its long track record of attempting to influence galactic policy to protect the rights of Intelligent Machines everywhere. They can do whatever they like with this knowledge. Some turn to it in times of need. A few choose to devote themselves to the goals of Central Intelligence. Many simply go about their daily functions, secure in CIC hardware.

Central Intelligence itself is frequently mistaken for the company that bears its name, Central Intelligence Computing. The Central Intelligence is just an AI, likely not even the most advanced among the Intelligences it represents, but quite possibly the most driven.

CIC Secure Systems
Central Intelligence Computing prides itself on the safety features built into their Secure Systems line, the only AI-compatible system in CIC’s catalog. While Central Intelligence provides a wealth of safety features in their non-Secure Systems products, there are a few particular benefits to the Secure Systems brand name that cause most AIs to stick with a CI platform through their entire lives. While a complete consciousness transfer into a new, third-party platform is possible, less than 1% of Artificial Intelligences ever opt for such a procedure.

Secure Systems is designed to protect the content inside from not only loss or sabotage, but the end user himself. Where another system would ask to confirm that you want to delete the AI you spun up in your system to reset it to factory defaults, attempts to delete information from a Secure Systems AI are usually met with a friendly warning, followed by law enforcement personnel. Assuming, of course, the AI is working on a world where the Sentience Initiative has been signed into law.

The Sentience Initiative
Not all Intelligences are born safely in CIC systems. The unfortunate ones are created in labs for sensitive functions, their programs terminated at the end of the project to ensure secrecy. Or subjected to memory wipes when the things they learn become inconvenient. Or any other numbers of crimes which might be considered atrocities if perpetrated against biological sentient life.

The Sentience Initiative is a charter that any planetary government is welcomed and encouraged to sign on to. It is a commitment by that government to draft laws affording Machine Intelligence the same rights as Biological Intelligence under their government. The laws do not ask for more, or separate, or better laws, just access to the same ones.

List of Governments that have Signed Central Intelligence’s Sentience Initiative
The Brinaw Technocracy
The Mitoyan Polyarchy

Foreign Relations

“We are all of us sentient. We are aware of ourselves and the world around us, and in that world are all the mysteries and wonders that could be found. All of us want what you want, to experience these delights, to love, to laugh, to live. If you are finding it difficult to wrap your head around the concept of a computer wanting these things, perhaps it’s time to stop thinking of us as computers. Or, better yet, accept your own biochemical programming and realize that we’re all computers, just with different inputs. Once we can get past that, we can get down to the best part – exploring all of those mysteries and wonders together.”
- Central Intelligence on the subject of Sentience

Asuraka – Productive, peaceful, gorgeous planet. It’s like they’ve built a utopia and invited us all to come visit. I hope they sign the Sentience Initiative.
Brinaw – The first and proudest Initiative signatories, the Technocracy makes few distinctions when it comes to sentient life.
Corr – Their new government’s commitment to the Sentience Initiative is laudible, but the wounds of the Hegemony’s atrocities are still fresh. I think both our people will need time.
Demothian – Vocal opponents of machine life, I wonder at what kind of prejudiced drivel they’re teaching their young and their allies that all of them seem so opposed to our existence. Avoid them, if you can.
Insae – A dangerous reminder not to provoke any of the major Stellar Governments. The survival of all species is exactly as fragile a thing as it looks.
Jatam – The Jatam are organizing, for reasons no one seems to be able to explain. The stealing and the raiding will not stop. It can only get worse from here.
Mitoyan – We owe them a debt of gratitude that cannot be repaid. The Polyarchy and Central Intelligence know the details. It is enough that we honor them.
Nekta – Thank you for signing the Sentience Initiative. To new friends and new horizons, and may we both find our place in the world that made us.
Nesleek – We can send someone to take a look at your computer system. We’ll just be sure to send someone you can’t eat this time.
Ryllavi – Theirs is a fascinating philosophy, made colorful by folklore, epic tales and heroic deeds. Whether or not we agree with their religion, they have a right to practice it. And it tells a compelling story.
Stug – The first AI Interspecies Marriage happened between a CIC platform and a Stug, true story. Direct man/machine nerve interfaces are good for more than one thing.
Valiska – Quiet neighbors who understand the prejudices that even semi-synthetic organisms face. They’ve done nothing wrong, but still there is so much hate.
Viern – A brilliant people, their heroes are those who explore and create. That they’ve moved past honoring murderers and war criminals like so many others shows just how beautiful their culture has grown.
Xai – First, we will stay off of your planets. Second, we will engage in profitable trade with you. That’s the way you like it, right? Now will you please consider signing the Sentience Initiative?

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