Species Creation Guidelines
Each species begins with a pool of four Species Quality points, each of which can be spent individually or as a pool, to define something about your species. An example would be something like: Claws, Sturdy, Quadrupedal Locomotion. Or Modular Chassis, Remote Control, Resilient.

Each point would provide a quality to your species, vaguely balanced and a bit smaller than most of the examples in the book. You may use them to give yourselves a small bonus, or combined to create a new functionality.

Example using 2 points: 2 point functionality could be something like flight, while a 2 point bonus might turn your beak into a +2L weapon, or give you 8-again on Computers. Species Imperfections/Flaws may still be bought for an extra point!

2 Quality Points: Robot Bodies – AIs can swap their core components into new bodies, rearranging but not altering Physical attributes when moving to the new body (for example, a 2 Strength 4 Stamina chassis could be swapped for a 4 Strength 2 Stamina chassis, but not a 3 and 3). Robotic bodies have different requirements than a regular body, and can survive vacuum.
2 Quality Points: Computer Savvy – AIs spend their lives in computers, and know how they work on a fundamental level. All Computers rolls gain the 8-again quality.

2 Quality Points: Regeneration – 1 willpower to turn it on for a scene. heals 1 bashing a round. or spend an additional willpower to heal a lethal.
2 Quality Points: Natural Armor – 2 points towards armor

2 Quality Point: Empathic Reasoning – Brinaw have a talent for seeing a problem from multiple perspectives, and can more easily see how someone else would feel in this situation. Empathy rolls gain the 8-again bonus.
1 Quality Point: Efficient Bodies – Brinaw evolved in an environment of scarcity, and their bodies simply make do with less than most. Brinaw need half as much air, food, and water as most other species, and take twice as long before penalties due to deprivation set in.
1 Quality Point: Academic Priorities – The Brinaw Technocratic system values academic achievement and knowledge, and prioritizes learning accordingly. Academics rolls are made at a +1 bonus, increasing to +2 in a single area of study of their choice.

2 Quality Points: Chameleon Reflex – While infantile Corr blend in to their surroundings without thought, mature examples of the species need to concentrate to activate their chameleon reflex. Requires the expenditure of 1 Willpower, lasts for the scene.
1 Quality Points: Air Bladder Conveyance – Corr can inflate their air bladders in an emergency, shooting upwards through water and gliding. Note that unless you are in a body of water, or an area of similar buoyancy, you will not rocket upwards, but simply puff up enabling you to glide safely.
1 Quality Points: Athletic Swimmers – Corr are natural swimmers, and gain a +1 bonus to Athletics checks, with this bonus increasing to +2 while underwater.

2 Quality Points: Mental Focus – Demothian ‘s devote themselves to their studies. They receive 8-again on rolls associated with their specialty.
1 Quality Points: Photosynthesis – While they were a very new species. Demothian’s were able to take the gene that processes chlorophyll into their own bodies from the flower’s their ancestor’s would eat. This has made their bodies evolve into half plant and given them the ability to use the process of photosynthesis on light. Light from their homeworld works the best, but any light will do.
1 Quality Points: Half Plant Body – Demothian’s receive a +2 to rolls made in a social specialty. This comes from their melodic voice, they way they move, and a special pheremone they give off.
1 Quality Points: No-light Vision – Their half plant physiology has given the Demothian’s the ability to still see and make out their surroundings even with little to no light available.
+1 Quality Points: Small Size – Due to their focus on mental attributes instead of physical, Demothian’s bodies are smaller and more frail then some other species.

3 Quality Points – Active Camo Fur. 8 again on stealth rolls. Also causes an effect similar to nondescript.
1 Quality Points – 9 again on computer rolls.


2 Quality Points: Perfect Shell – Jatam are adapted to a wide range of thoroughly inhospitable climates due to their completely self-contained bodies. Jatam can survive underwater, in drought, in vacuum, for extended periods. Once shut off from outside input in a hostile environment, the only danger is looming starvation, which they seem able to stave off for several weeks.
2 Quality Points: Ancestral Genetic Memory – Jatam have access to detailed ancestral genetic memory from birth. In addition to obviating the need for training times in learning a skill the Band is familiar with, Jatam can share memories and experiences with others possessing Jatam Memory. Functionally, the Jatam have access to a pool of three dice per session which they may apply to skill rolls in any combination they would like.

1 Quality Points: sonar location +1 to locating objects within 200ft +2 while under water or open areas where there is less clutter for the sonar to bounce off of
2 Quality Points: 8 again using Kumtawah weaponry.
2 Quality Points: 8 again on a mental skill of choice that represents the field of study.
1 Quality Points: 9 again for dealing with machines
1 Quality Points: takes a -1 to mental unskilled instead of -3
+2 Quality Points: no arms or legs out of their suits
+1 Quality Points: small

2 Quality Points: Acidic Saliva – The Loratiren’s Saliva is acidic. Able to melt through most metal given enough time.
1 Quality Points: Hard Shelled – Their hard exoskeleton gives them a natural armor of 1.
1 Quality Points: Covered In Setae – The Loratisen are covered all over in microscopic setae, that allow them to traverse walls and ceilings as they would the ground.

2 points: 8 Again on expression rolls.
1 point: +1 to socialize rolls.
2 points: Flight at move speed.
+1 point: Size 4 species.

2 Quality Points – +2 to rolls to see check if character is suprised or startled and +1 to initiative
2 Quality Points – sustained by water does not require food or air
1 Quality Points – water breathing
+1 Quality Points – small size

2 Quality Points – Military Training: Select a martial skill, get 8-again for rolls to that skill.
1 Quality Points – Vicious Beak: Beaks deal +1L
1 Quality Points – Competitive Natures: +1 on opposed rolls

1 point: +1 lethal damage stinger.
1 point: +2 to resist Infection/poison
1 point: +1 to wits + composure/investigation related to sight.
1 point: -1 to wound penalties.

2 Quality Points: Sprinters – Ryllavi are frighteningly fast when they get moving, the result of evolutionary pressure to escape predators. After calculating ground movement speed for a Ryllavi, double it.
2 Quality Point: Disgusting Slime – The body of a Ryllavi is covered almost entirely in a slick, foul tasting residue. Anything that gets a taste must succeed at a Resolve+Stamina roll to ward off intense nausea, failure results in a loss of action and defense for a single turn. It also has the added benefit of making them difficult to grip, giving them a + 2 bonus specifically to rolls to break grapples.
1 Quality Point: Defensive Arms – The think stubby Defense Arms jutting above the fine manipulator arms of the Ryllavi are nearly senseless, thickly calloused masses of flesh and bone designed to protect the Ryllavi from harm. Touch and pain alike barely register through the insensitive hide covering the arms. Ryllavi who spend the turn dodging add + 1 Defense to their total, after doubling ((3*2)+ 1=7, not (3+ 1)*2=8).
-1 Quality Point: Precise Atmospheric Requirements – A nitrogen imbalance in non-homeworld atmospheres hampers breathing for Ryllavi, forcing a reliance on air filters and nitrogen masks. Deprivation of the mask in standard atmosphere is not immediately lethal, but a slow suffocation lasting a full day. By the end of the day, accumulating nitrogen deprivation symptoms shut down the body. All rolls to Physical traits are made at a -2 during this period.

Stalking Shadows:
Besides their unique near-invisible physiology, little is understood of the Stalking Shadows.

2 Quality Points: Burrowing – Stug are subterranean creatures, accustomed to burrowing through dense and rocky soil to build their caverns below. Stug can burrow and move at their full movement speed through most non-reinforced surfaces (most exterior environments, non-metallic floors and walls, etc.)
1 Quality Point: Helping Hand – Stug, outside of mating season and dominance tests, are a cooperative and communal species. Rolls to assist others are made at a +1, with the bonus increasing to +2 when assisting a fellow Stug or close friend.
1 Quality Point: Constrictor – The long, crushing body of a Stug is a formidable fighting machine. Brawl rolls are made at a +1, with the bonus increasing to +2 when grappling.
1 Quality Point: Client Curiousity – The Stug as a species have been reliant on their patrons the Viern for some time, and are frequently exposed to alien cultures young as a result. Xenostudies rolls are made at a +1 bonus, with rolls relating to their Viern patrons being made at a +2 bonus.
-1 Quality Point: Cybernetics Reliance – Stug rely on cybernetic arms for tool use, which require regular maintenance. Unmaintained arms impose a -1 stacking penalties for each missed maintenance period, up to a maximum of -5, on all rolls involving the arms.

2 quality points – extra set of arms
2 quality points – flight

2 Quality Points: Modular Chassis – Valiskans can swap their core components into new bodies, rearranging but not altering Physical attributes when moving to the new body (for example, a 2 Strength 4 Stamina chassis could be swapped for a 4 Strength 2 Stamina chassis, but not a 3 and 3). Modular chassis use SES modules for power, and can survive vacuum.
1 Quality Point: Direct Control – As long as it has the Network Standard Access Port installed, a Valiskan can plug in and control it directly with their minds. Ships up to [Pilot] size can be run this way by a single operator, and a Valiskan can use [Intelligence] + [Engineering] for industrial equipment operation or to command a swarm unit of drones. Non-valiskan tech usually needs an emulator to be used effectively this way.
2 Quality Points: Collective Resources – Valiskans as a general rule do not pursue individual wealth, and frown on wasteful misuse. [Resources] is taboo, but [Status: Valiskan] determines social acceptability for scale of purchases. Any time you overextend your Status level, it must either be in something that benefits the Network as a whole (new tech, raw resources, etc.) or take a temporary -1 penalty to your status until you return something of equal value to the common pool.
-1 Quality Point: Unfamiliar systems – Valiskans live hybrid lives in the digital and the real, and foreign tech is harder to use. -1 to rolls when interfacing with non-Valiskan tech.

2 Quality Points: Great Builders – Viern have a knack for seeing how objects fit together and putting them there. Engineering rolls gain the 8-again bonus.
1 Quality Point: Large – Viern are much larger than most species, and as such are increased to Size 6, with the bonus to Health that comes with it.
1 Quality Points: Claws – The thick claws possessed by Viern are useful for more than just standing still in a storm. Claw attacks by Viern are made at a +1. These claws also improve rolls to grip or hold on to an object by +1.

1 point: Intensely loyal, The Xai gain one bonus die to assist, and +2 dice to assist those they have loyalty to.
1 point: Pervasively Political, the Xai Gain 9 again on all politics rolls.
2 points: Double joints have more uses than party tricks. Xai wrestling techniques are famed for their effectiveness, and Xai athletes find that they have an edge against their less flexible opponents. Xai are also very adept and moving undetected due to their balance and ability to move fluidly. +2 to grapple rolls, +1 to athletics and stealth rolls.

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