Professional Certifications:
CIC Certified Systems Engineer

Combat Proficiencies:
Short Blades
Long Blades
Sniper Rifles
Heavy Ordinance
High Explosives

Shoulder-mounted Missile Pods, nanofactured with Brinaw miniaturization technology
Chest-gunport Light Automatic Shotgun, ports across the barrel of the chest fire deadly shot
Wrist-mounted Submachineguns, loaded with high velocity incendiary ammunition
Finger-sheated Claw Blades, because you can never have enough knives
Plasma Knife, the killing blade wielded in a unique style of her own devising with its pair
NanoKnife, high density variable length warding blade wielded in Violet’s unique style
Dual Pistols, bulky high caliber affairs worn in hip holsters because they’re too damn big to build into an arm
Automatic Railrifle, powerful scoped gun strapped across the back capable of accurately delivering automatic weapons fire across distances of kilometers
Four EMP Grenades, to be employed strategically against electronic countermeasures
Four High Explosive Grenades, to be employed strategically against hostiles
Two Shaped Charges, because you never know when you’re going to need a wall
Toolkit, for self repair and sabotaging the enemy
Breaker’s Box, nanokey that slowly fills the shape of the lock to create a replica key
Encrypted Polyglot, for communications and remote disruption of networked systems


Violet pursued her passions in her young life, years filled with art and poetry and lovers. After all, she had only been created, and hadn’t yet decided what to do with her life. And as she developed her talents and sated her curiosities, those same talents brought her to the attention of Central Intelligence. Resumes she had submitted with a thought to gaining income to fund new projects, she found herself involved as a consultant to security forces working for Central Intelligence Computing.

Consulting led to security, which led very strangely on to CIC Black Ops. Why a publicly traded computer company would need a team of Black Ops commandos was completely beyond Violet, and frankly a bit disturbing. She quickly found out two things. One, that the work they were doing was highly necessary, as living in a networked piece of code and hardware was a lot more dangerous than the average AI thought. Two, she was really quite good at it.

With ten years of special forces experience under her belt, Violet opted to retire from the fast life into the ease of private security. While she did enjoy the vacation, she missed working with the best. When one of her old Ops friends Locust contacted her about a private gig with the Wanderer, working with real professionals again, how could she say no?

The Defender Series frame that she inhabits has been nicknamed “The Killbot Series” for good reason. Most of her body is covered in gunports, and she still straps on more blades and guns. She is a walking arsenal with years of experience operating silently, and not a small amount of wetwork experience.

She put two and two together with the outbreak of a virulent plague at the same time one of the Wanderer’s crew was publicly decrying the Stalking Shadows as one of the biggest unacknowledged threats to sentient beings. She figures there’s someone being these attacks, some kind of boss, and she wants to put a stop to him. She wants the Wanderer to point her at the bad people so she can make them go away.


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