Jeroon Holencin


Wanted for questioning in relation to:
Grand Theft
Breaking and Entering not limited to forced entry, tampering with electronic systems, and bypassing physical security measures

Combat Proficiencies:

Lockpicks, simple and serviceable
Tablet Computer, equipped with multi-port interface capable of breaking into most computer systems on the market
Stealth Suit, integrates and amplifies his natural camouflage reflex for reduced visibility while muffling his steps
Encrypted Polyglot, equipped with a signal dampener for undetectable short-range communications


Jeroon Holencin was a good thief. In the high tech world of stealth systems development and espionage that operators like him flourished in, Jeroon cut his teeth on ferreting out corporate secrets and lifting confidential data.

Five years ago he left the regular off the books employ of Spectre LLC and changed his MO subtly. All of the dirt he’d pulled up had not gone to client without Jeroon keeping a copy, and as his drive filled with file after file of corruption and malfeasance, he decided to do something about it.

Off the books projects were hit, thefts worth fortunes in credits were stolen from illegal accounts, and every week in the news some new wretched man was making his way to prison as some dire evidence of wrongdoing or another came to light – always from the same anonymous source reporting to news media.

He’s become accustomed to both the stealth and the innocuous charm that makes for an effective spy. He moves quickly and avoids notice, bypassing barriers physical and electronic, to bring justice to the wicked and made himself rich in the process.

When PCI Security caught on to his interference in trade, they thought about courting him as a CI. But when they heard Ruis’Iren’Tonin was looking for talented individuals to work aboard the Wanderer, they considered the truly impressive list of crimes he had never been caught for, and likely couldn’t be proved to have committed in a court of law.

CI nothing. They had a vigilante thief and spy on their hands with the means and motivations to uncover the most dastardly corruption. Why throw him in jail when they can put him in an environment where he can really put those skills to good use?

Jeroon Holencin

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