Haz Lak Brin a'Mender


Professional Certifications:
Way of Blood, Apprenticed to Master Huv Im Kil a’Mender
Way of Stone, Apprenticed to Master Nikk Muna Brin a’Mender

Combat Proficiencies:
Fusion Laser
Unarmed Self-Defense

Mender’s Kit, a miniature field hospital and engineering bay sequestered in panels all across his suit
Twin Fusion Laser, variable output cutting laser useful for ship repair and repelling boarders
Polyglot, multi-function high-end commercial model

Mender’s Suitship – The tools of the Mender’s trade are always close to hand, even when he must travel light in his suit. A backpack nanoassembler provides spare parts and unique tools for tricky jobs.

Size – 0
Speed – 2
Weapons – 2
Armor – 2


Haz Lak Brin a’Mender is one of the Menders. He’s one of the Brins. Among Menders and Brins, one is taught that those are very important and respectable things to be. To everyone else, Menders are high class repairmen and Brins are just another family.

But it’s hard not to be proud of those things when they’re such positive influences in your life. Of course the Brins were important, look at all of their philanthropy. Of course his work with the Menders is important, look what he’s fixed, look what lives he has saved.

Is it ego when your family really is that great, and your job really is that amazing? When Yar Myna Lin a’Guide sent out a call for the elite to consider posting alongside the crew of the Wanderer, it only made sense to him. After all, Haz Lak Brin a’Mender is the best of the best in so many ways.

He’s a rich and brilliant doctor and engineer that can mend anything that is broken. And the Wanderer has uncovered a lot that is broken, corruption, slavery, and other terrors. With his two hands he will mend the great hurts of society, or at least do what he can to ease its suffering.

Haz Lak Brin a'Mender

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