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Age 20
Height: 2m
Weight: 120Kg

Basic Polyglot: Valiskan version to plug into a firewalled socket, with speaker and short-range (up to orbit) radio.

Armor Plating: Durasteel. Midweight bulletproof. (Grade 3, 3gen/4Firearms reduction, Firearms dmg reduced to bashing)

Engineer’s Toolkit(4): Set of equipment built into his arms so he can repair ships while EVA without fear of losing an item.
-Laser Cutter
-Arc Welder
-Universal screwdriver
-Universal wrench
-Tie downs
-Adapter kit; Unusual fasteners

Maneuvering Thrusters and Jump jets: Low-impulse thrusters to move around a ship while EVA. Do not have enough thrust to do more than fall over in gravity. Powerful short-burn thrusters charged by specialized SES units now allow for short flights in atmosphere and faster movement in space.

Pistol: Valiskan Arms design. Export model he grabbed so he’d have something small and out of the way. Modified to use an SES for power. Can fire any material as long as it’s in the right dimensions, Tungsten is preferred. Current chassis has a covert holster for the pistol.

Rifle: Valiskan Arms A4 Gauss rifle, Valiskan model that uses an SES for power.

Network access subspace radio: Standard item among Valiskans. By itself the connection is relatively slow and can fadeover distance, but can jump between access nodes and bridge through other radios. Major nodes set up wherever Valiskans set up long-term.

Mid-grade shield module (4)


A ship engineer currently living on the PCI until he thinks he’s ready to build his own courier.

Grew up on Kalai’ah in the village of Ranistal, about 60KM Southwest of Fortress City Khemitos. His progenitors, Ermala and Fron, are an artisan and mining engineer, respectively. His one elder sibling from that same pair, Thol, is a courier 15 years his elder who just finished his own Etira-class ship to replace the 150 year old Gallios he’d been using until recently.

fd00:013c:d7aa:58ba/Echols of Ranistal

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