Bradley Schoffield


Professional Certifications:
Pilot License rated for All Craft
Masters in Engineering from Olympia University, Mars
Bachelors in Network Engineering from Olympia University, Mars

Combat Proficiencies:
Ship-based Weapon Targeting Systems

Laser Pistol, high-efficiency recharging handgun of his own design
Wrist Computer, short range remote hacking device he put together to escape the Dyson Sphere
NanoKit, self-assembling infinite toolbox he wrote the code for
Polyglot, assembled according to instructions sent by the Wanderer on their maiden voyage to Earth

Justice – FTL engines reverse engineered from the Wanderer’s drive core, harrowing mistakes were made before Bradley and his ship figured out how to move between the stars.

Size – 2
Speed – 2
Weapons – 2
Armor – 2


Brilliant and adaptable, Bradley Schoffield is the first member of the human species to master faster than light travel. He cheated and guessed at the fuel source used by the Wanderer by studying its drive trail. The engine worked, but shielding failed, killing most of his crew. Jatam pirates found him drifting not long after. They claimed him and his ship as part of their band, and it was not long before the Jatam of the band were deferring to his charismatic presence.

Once he was able to take command of his ship and the band, he directed it to a nearby CIC outpost. Sharing his fantastic story of escape with Central Intelligence, CI himself directed Bradley to consider the Wanderer’s job offer, which he had heard about by way of Mica.

He can reverse engineer complicated alien technologies, build anything he needs on the fly, and pilot anything that flies. He’s a genius and a natural leader. And working with the Wanderer sounds like a damn fun time to him.

Bradley Schoffield

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