bc72:0fff:1a5c:35de/Ledan of Surya

Swift Scout of the Skies


Professional Certifications:
Ship Repair
Pilot License rated for Small Craft
Registered Hunter

Combat Proficiencies:
Short Blade
Synthetic CQC

Plasma Knife, modified for variable output
Twin DurAlloy Blades, forged by the heat of binary stars
Quiver of Six Titanium Hunting Spears, balanced for combat and throwing
Valiskan Hunter Long Range Antipersonnel Rifle, high caliber and top of the line proprietary technology
Carbon Fiber Crossbow, a miniature ballista complete with tripod support and javelin sized bolts
Quiver of Twenty Bolts, ten diamond-tipped, five high explosive, and five flares.
Encrypted Polyglot, broad frequency long-range device secured against intrusion
Tool Kit, including spare parts for emergency field repair or self repair


In her work as Hunter, Ledan has hunted man and beast. Predator and prey. Bounty and trophy. Fellow hunters praise her skill and fair leadership. She has organized and executed many successful hunts, and Hunters followed because they knew she always sought targets worthy of their skill.

When word came over the Network from fd00:013c:d7aa:58ba/Echols of Ranistal that the Wanderer was looking to hire exceptional people to their crew, she initially resisted the idea of applying. They were looking for the best of the best. Her friends convinced her to look past her humility and try, for in their eyes she was just that.

Knowing the Wanderer’s reputation for hunting the worthiest prey of all, injustice, Ledan applied, hoping that she could help in whatever way she can. Wherever their prey should lurk, she will track them down.

bc72:0fff:1a5c:35de/Ledan of Surya

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