Stellar Travellers

Intentionally taken

Ship's status log entry by Echols

We’ve started moving our plans for the Seed ship into motion. It’ll be called the Redoubt, and for now it’ll be in a remote CIC system. Quell has been recalled by the Demothians, so he’ll be missed. But, as our luck has it, a new crewmember was presented as a possible hire, and we met him at the PCI. Dorius Alek’Thoth is from a previously unknown race called the “Kumutawah”.

After quite a bit of strategizing, intel gathering, and planning, we’ve figured out the first step on the plan to deal with The Boss. As it turns out, a hotel on Brintar appears to be a prime site for kidnapping of individuals meeting a certain profile of usefulness for his group, so we’re going to be half-disguised as individuals of varying interest to them. Myself and Ruis will be going as ourselves, though with some interesting false documents as bait, and Locust and Dorius in disguise. After Ruis starts an impromptu press conference next to me without me realizing it, there’s some awkward discussion before the crowd got bored.

Then we go to “sleep”, seeing if we get targeted. And in the middle of the night, two thugs use a keycard to get in my room, EMP me (knock out my shields as I pretend to be disabled), and crate me up. After moving me to the spaceport, before I get a chance to do anything I’m slid inside a shield and the box unlocked. And there outside the shield in this cargo bay is an AI frame and a couple Shadows. Ruis, Locust, and Dorius all managed to sneak onboard, but for some odd reason Ruis reveals himself way to early and is shown out the airlock.

And so the interrogation begins. Mostly with my stonewalling him, but he presents some kind of small black box through the field that he thinks I’ll plug myself into, and thinks he has ways of hacking a Valiskan’s mind. It’s not really something we’re familiar with, but he seems pretty confident. I don’t touch the damn thing and shut off my radios to be safe. After a bit more stonewalling of his questions he decides to punish me with an electrical blast from the shield. At this point all I can really do is try to stall for time, but I check if I’m getting anything over the polyglot radio. Locust has been trying to get a hold of me, to tell me he made the box into a dummy unit. Playing along, I plug it in, and he puts away the punishment controls. Still more of the game, I ask Locust when he’s going to feel like doing something, so he walks up and grabs the AI…



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