Stellar Travellers

Explosions All Around

Dorius Alek'Thoth's Personal Log

So far, this has been a very strange crew. We were on a mission that required stealth. We were hiden away on the ship belonging to the boss. The crew member Ruis had previously been ejected out of the air lock after revealing himself. Then, during the course of the questioning of Echol’s, Legion came out of hiding and tried to attack the AI that had kidnapped Echol’s. After the three of them had a discussion about what was going to happen, as well as the fact that if the AI had known other’s were on the ship, it would have just flown the ship into a sun.He made both of them leave the ship. After which, he put in a course for the PCI station. Once there, he set the self destruct on the ship and left it. I had just enough time to break out of the ship before it exploded. We were able to warn the PCI, although not as early as we would have liked. There was a little bit of damage to the station from the explosion. After this, the crew decided to release all of the information it had been holding back about the fungus to each different species. Following which, we decided to get in contact with a few people and try to make a larger organization to hunt down the elusive boss of the shadows.



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