Stellar Travellers

A Fungus Among us

Quell Doran's Report to Outreach

We have decided to try and investigate this boss that is apparently controlling the shadows by kidnapping family to get them to do things for him. We start by looking into the fungus that we had found on the strange cannibal planet. Ever since then we have had a small shadow child on the ship with us. Unlike the other shadows, she does not have one of the chips that kills them when they are scanned. Although the number of deaths the boss must have from routine scanning of ships must be staggering. If the system picks up any kind of an anomaly and investigates further, there goes another agent. Either way, I was able to figure out that even the shadows are being effected by this fungus. Taking a sample we had gathered from the planet, our new A.I. crew member and I began to try and figure out what this might be in the lab. After hours of work, it seems that the fungus was even more deadly then we had assumed. We did further research and performed tests in the hologram chamber. After which, we felt the need to warn other about this fungus since our results were so discouraging.



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